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LP Olympia 3 in 1 No Salt Water Softener

...the no salt water softener alternative

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The OLYMPIA 3 in 1 unit (14” high)

Suitable for 5 bed 2 bathroom house and all boiler systems.

The OLYMPIA 3 in1 is not only the very latest in no salt water softening but also introduces two additional water treatment features which improve water quality above and beyond normal water softeners currently available yet still retains vital minerals.

Three Water Treatments in One Unit!

3 in 1 softener mounted on a wall

Whole house filter. Whole House Softener. Whole house impurity remover.

With a total height of unit 14” (350mm) This special filter ARAGON3 has a TRIPLE action which not only filters out all the impurities in the water but actually makes the water softer while leaving the essential minerals in the water.

This means you can drink the water from every tap. It is a composite cartridge with Silver to kill bacteria and high quality extruded coconut charcoal but it also has a special resin which makes the water softer. This is achieved by converting the Calcium Carbonate crystal structure from Calcite which precipitates out as LIMESCALE to Aragonite which doesn’t. This makes the water appear soft but has the added advantage of leaving the essential minerals normally removed by salt ion exchange systems in the water. This means you can drink the water all-round the house.

There is no need to waste any water through re-generation and no need to add salt. Once every 7 – 8 months or when the water appears to be getting harder, simply change the cartridge.


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How does this work?

Normally if you have a standard ION-EXCHANGE water softener you will have to put salt in the tank on a regular basis. The water treated cannot be consumed and a dedicated COLD pipe must be installed from your mains inlet to the kitchen tap JUST FOR DRINKING.

The salt is required to REGENERATE the ion exchange RESIN and this is done by exchanging the hard ions of Calcium (Ca++) present in hard water with Sodium ions (Na++) present in the salt that you add.

With the new OLYMPIA 3 in 1 system you simply remove and throw away the cartridge and replace it with a new one. The cartridge contains silver to prevent bacterial growth and activated charcoal to remove all the impurities resulting in water that is odour free, soft and yet still retaining vital calcium, so essential for bone and teeth growth in children and vital for adult metabolism.

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